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June 25, 2010

#Foundation Week Summary from a Netizen’s Perspective

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Have a look at this post on the TechSoup Blog by Layal Rabat who gives an overview her perception of events as they unfolded during EFC Foundation Week.  It helps to illustrate how the internet has made it much easier to follow events through social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. Read more on the TechSoup Blog …


June 2, 2010

TechSoup Global, Fundacja TechSoup and GuideStar International at EFC Foundation Week and AGA

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Techsoup Global, Fundacja Techsoup and GuideStar International staff are spending the week in Brussels. Thus far we have hosted the TSG Network Partners meeting and attended some interesting sessions at European Foundation Week.  Fundacja TechSoup also hosted the session “Leading the charge: innovative uses of technology and information to connect funders to communities”, which was very well attended.  Some of us will be staying on for the EFC Annual General Assembly.  A very busy and productive time!

There is a great crowd here in Brussels this week with a wealth of ideas and experiences to share both in formal sessions and the networking events that surround them. We want to share our views and reactions to all of this and will be doing so via the GSI and TSG blogs. We would love to hear your reactions too!

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