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January 11, 2011

The British Asian Trust pays tribute to GuideStar India

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This month The British Asian Trust pays tribute to GuideStar India.

“The credibility of organisations is key to how we select our partner charities,” said Trust Director Abha Thorat-Shah. “As part of our detailed due diligence procedure, we use the resources provided by GuideStar India to ensure that donations make the maximum impact and funds are distributed responsibly and effectively.”

GuideStar India encourages NGOs to provide comprehensive information including tax returns, audited accounts, registrations, photographs and other supporting documents. The GuideStar India site promotes transparency by ranking NGO search results on the basis of volume of information and how recently content was updated.

“Part of The British Asian Trust’s remit is to combat skepticism in the important sector of giving in South Asia,” said Abha Thorat-Shah.“By supporting GuideStar India and its services, the Trust is playing a role in building and strengthening the charitable sector, as well as instilling confidence in donors and supporters that their funds are making the greatest impact.”

GuideStar India CEO Pushpa Aman Singh said: “It is very encouraging for NGOs in India that The British Asian Trust uses GuideStar India as a resource for its grant making decisions. It is a recognition of the efforts put in by NGOs to demonstrate their transparency and accountability.”


December 30, 2010

Click and Connect with your favourite cause this holiday season

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This was originally posted on the GuideStar India blog 

Have you ever thought about gifting your time or money to help significantly change lives of those around you? This giving season, spend a few minutes on to get to know about and connect with NGOs in India working on a cause that is dear to you. You can identify NGOs that you would like to visit in your city/ town or find information on charities that you may want to support remotely. You can also share information on their work via your blog, Facebook or Twitter. GuideStar India features 716 NGOs across India. Just click and connect!

Dr Usha Pillai, of the IDEA Foundation says “Soon after our registration on GuideStar India, we got the opportunity to attend an IT Workshop conducted by the NASSCOM Foundation. Through this workshop we could familiarise ourselves with various online tools to promote our cause. Our presence on the GuideStar India website and a social networking site has in fact helped us to connect with an industry donor, who was looking for a small NGO. Being added to GuideStar India has been of phenomenal long term value to a small NGO like ours within a few months of association.”

Pushpa Aman Singh, CEO of GuideStar India says “It is amazing to see how quickly connections happen: I got a call from a person based in Bangalore who wanted his sister, a cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to connect with a charity working for women around Mumbai so that she could raise awareness about their work at the medical conferences she is invited to address. Within minutes he found a list of suitable organisations on and within days his family started work with the IDEA Foundation. With so many NGOs using the internet and email effectively, it is fairly easy for people across the globe to support NGOs in India. We get enquiries from students who seek to volunteer for a few days while on a holiday trip, people who want to intern with charities while on vacation, parents who want to spend time along with their children at an NGO reading stories or playing games or helping them with their daily tasks and there are those who support charities from where they live by spreading awareness and doing fundraisers to helping with online communication.”

Ready to make a meaningful gift this holiday season? Click here and get connected with your favourite cause right away! Do write to us at and share your joy of giving. We will feature some of the stories on this blog.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

January 5, 2010

GuideStar India shares its experience with Taiwan’s voluntary sector

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Mr Richy Li, (Director, News Products, Media Products & Solutions at Yahoo) responding to Pushpa's address

Pushpa Aman Singh (CEO, GuideStar India) was invited to speak at Taiwan’s International Conference on NPO Accountability.  Sadly, at the last minute, Pushpa was not able to be there in person, but thanks to Skype she was able to give her presentation virtually. Taiwan’s voluntary sector welcomed the chance to learn more about the experiences of civil society organizations (CSOs) in India. You can read more about this on the GuideStar India blog, and have a look at the presentation.

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