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December 29, 2011

New Portal to Promote US Giving to Indian NGOs

Consul General Peter Haas and others listening to GuideStar India CEO, Pushpa Aman Singh speaking at the Roundtable

This was first posted on the GuideStar India blog

GuideStar India and the U.S. Department of State held a “Philanthropy in India Roundtable” on December 21 in Mumbai. Over 40 leaders from the Indian philanthropy sector discussed the creation of a new online portal that will assist private donors seeking to support Indian NGOs.

GuideStar India is an existing portal of fully searchable information on over 1400 registered NGOs in India, and will serve as the platform for the new portal which is designed to connect private U.S. donors with Indian NGOs and organizations. The group agreed that such a portal should also help address two critical needs:
(1) empowering and educating donors by introducing more information and transparency into the sector; and (2) strengthening capacity-building amongst Indian NGOs.

The new portal will aggregate NGO certifications provided by independent third parties and present the information in a format easily searchable and accessible by potential donors. Neither GuideStar nor the U.S. Government will rate or certify NGOs. The portal will empower donors and allow them to make better informed decisions. Indian NGOs, intermediaries, facilitators, foundations and other organizations and individuals involved in philanthropy in India will benefit through enhanced visibility.

The roundtable participants provided input on the design of the portal to GuideStar representatives. The diverse group of leaders gathered at the roundtable reflected the shared desire of the private sector, civil society and the U.S. State Department to explore new and creative ways to support Indian NGOs.


January 11, 2011

The Latest GuideStar International Newsletter Now Online

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Newsletter Editorial

In 2010, new data and information from all corners of the earth is being crowdsourced, mapped and linked. In a world of politically charged Wikileaks, proactive transparency is becoming the norm as data is increasingly made available by governments and by intergovernmental organisations like the UN, OECD and World Bank through databases like AidData, Aid Flows and UNdata.

However, there is a lot of data that is still held privately; much of it can be difficult to find, is unavailable in an Internet-friendly format and often not validated. Provision of vital technology and information, which can aid ‘The Networked Nonprofit’, may help us get access to the data and information needed not only to populate our databases but to find answers for society’s most pressing questions

We’re happy to report some important milestones on our way to this ambitious goal: We are pleased to announce that GuideStar India was launched and has been utilising a partnership model to build its database of CSOs from the ground up., the GuideStar initiative for Belgium, has also gone live.

This edition also contains news on GuideStar International, GuideStar Israel, GuideStar Korea and TechSoup Global as well as several articles and reports on issues of relevance to the civil society sector and our work.

Read the entire Newsletter (December 2010) and find out more about our work and related news!

December 14, 2009

GuideStar Google Map

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GuideStar Google MapYou can now learn about the progress of GuideStar programmes around the world through our new Google map. For each country, background information is provided on the context in which CSOs operate and the GuideStar programme that is developing. Through the development of GuideStar systems worldwide we are building a good picture of civil societies in different countries but there is much more to learn! Our aim is to fill this map out for many more countries but we need your help! Please complete the GSI Questionnaire or leave a comment to let us know what the civil society sector looks like in your country.

November 26, 2009

Caroline Neligan Presents the GuideStar Model to Colombian Civil Society

At the invitation of Conexion Colombia Caroline travelled to Bogota, Colombia from the 16-19 November 2009 to present the GuideStar model to a group of over 200 NGO representatives. The meeting, titled ‘Fundraising and Innovation for NGOs’ explored a range of initiatives that promote the work of NGOs and connect them to donors and other stakeholders at national and international levels. A summary can be read in Spanish and English.

César Bocanegra, Angela Escallón, Caroline Neligan, John Hecklinger

During her visit, Caroline also met with several leading organisations supporting social development and Colombian civil society:

Conexion Colombia channels resources from all around the world to a portfolio of Colombian NGOs and foundations and links diaspora Colombians to their country through a range of information services.

Compartamos con Colombia, is an NGO that promotes the Colombian nonprofit sector through strategic support and capacity building, the promotion of philanthropy and social investment, and by raising awareness of the importance of social responsibility with young entrpreneurs.

The Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation, Accion Social, coordinates, promotes and carries out international cooperation policies, plans and projects which contribute to the social and economic development of Colombia, and to reducing the poverty of Colombians who have been affected by violence, illicit crops and who live in conditions of vulnerability.

And last but not least, ONG por la Transparencia (NGOs for Transparency) seeks to increase NGO visibility and make publicly available information that seeks to strengthen the credibility of the sector and increase public support for the work of these important organisations.

There was significant interest in how GuideStar might help illuminate the work of Colombian NGOs and promote a culture of transparency and information that will help connect Colombians both at home and abroad with national NGOs and the communities in which they work. We look forward to continuing these initial conversations.

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